How can Europe best confront muslim extremism?

Watch the video from the Civita breakfast meeting Tuesday May 24th with Maajid Nawaz here!

Publisert: 24. mai 2016

Watch Maajid Nawaz’s speech here:

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Civita breakfast meeting Tuesday May 24th in cooperation with Oslo Freedom Forum.

Since November 2015, jihadists have successfully launched two deadly assaults in Europe; killing more than 150 victims. Must European citizens accept that attacks like the ones in Paris and Brussels are an intrinsic part of 21st century Europe, or is there a plausible way to prevent such terrorism? How can European societies best combat the extremist ideas that lead to violent attacks?

This morning’s speaker was the author and columnist Maajid Nawaz. He is co-founder and chairman of Quilliam Foundation, and works to promote conversation, tolerance and democracy in Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

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