Civita is a liberal think tank. Civita is privately funded and independent of all political parties, organized interests and public authorities.

Civita is dedicated to explore and strengthen the understanding and support of liberal ideas, institutions and policies to promote a society constituted on the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility.

Civita aims to realize its mission through research and analyses, educational programs, seminars, public meetings, publications and active participation in public debates.

Civita is engaged in debates on a range of topics, among them the debates connected to the sustainability of the welfare state, climate change, tax reform, the need for cuts in public budgets, the importance of the private sector being part in solving the challenges of the welfare system, inequality, privacy, the rise of populism and nationalism in Europe and the USA and the need for a more rational aid and development policy.

Civita uses a variety of platforms in our outreach, from a range of publications, blogs, bulletins, web site, newsletters, social media, op-eds and media appearances, to seminars, breakfast and evening events and participation in other public debates.

All our breakfast meetings are live streamed through our website and Facebook. Video and podcast are always available on our website after each meeting. In addition, we also host a number of smaller meetings for specially invited people.

We are delighted that an increasing number of Civita’s great team of economists, philosophers, historians, political scientists, and fellows contribute to the public debate.

Our alumni network now counts for approximately around a thousand people where some are members of the current government.

None of the achievements above would have been possible without the financial support from all our contributors from the private sector.